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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much does it cost?

We don't tie you direct debits or monthly payments, it's £3.50 for juniors and £5 a lesson for adults, it is pay as you train.

2) Where and when do you train?

All details are on are contact page.

3) What should I wear?

Jogging bottoms and t shirt is fine ,if you decide in a few weeks its for you we can order you a gi (jujitsu suit).

4) I've heard grading can be expensive?

All junior grading is FREE, Juniors receive a belt a certificate a medal with a ribbon corresponding to the belt taken! We charge seniors £5 per grading this includes belt and certificate.

5) What ages can train?

Adults are 14-80 and juniors  are 6-14

6) Do adults and juniors train together?

No but both groups will train at the same time but separately.

7) Will I get hurt?

In anything that contains contact, there's always a small chance of injury, but injuries are very very rare and minor. There is controlled sparring that's supervised and uses safety equipment, this does not happen until you are ready and happy to take part, we believe you can't learn to swim without getting in the water, you can't improve your fighting skills without testing what you know.

8) Are your instructors police checked and first aiders?









All junior grading is FREE!
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