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Here at Houghton Regis Ju-Jitsu club we aim to provide an environment that is safe, fun and accessible to all. For us,  self defence is incredibly important and we aim to teach our members important techniques that could be applied when needed.

A few things you should know about us!

  • We practice ethical jujitsu; we teach ju-jitsu for the love of the art, not for the love of money.    

  • We are a positive and friendly environment with zero tolerance to racism, bullying or sexism.

  • We practice in an environment where people can learn, have fun, make new friends, and get fit

  •  Ju-Jitsu has been proven to work in self-defence and in the sporting arenas of mixed martial arts.

  • We practice an art that's shows results. We aim to have you fitter, stronger and have learned to punch with power and throw opponents after six months with our club.


We aim to be affordable to all

For us here at Houghton Regis Ju-Jitsu club we are not motivated by profit but by the enjoyment of sharing something we love with others!  


Annual Insurance
As we aim to be as cheap as possible instead of inflating the cost of annual insurance, we subsidise the insurance, so instead of paying  £15 to £40  on average , we only charge £10



Grading is FREE for both adults and juniors and includes a personalised certificate and coloured belt. 

Juniors also receive a medal with a ribbon corresponding to the belt taken.

Anything you have of your own you are welcome to bring along but we do not insist on you buying equipment, we have all the equipment that you will need that is free to use, gloves and pads etc.


Furthermore, we want this club to be accessible for everyone. If you’d like to train with us but feel there's a barrier, whether it’s nervousness, financial or physical, let us know and we’ll do our best to help.


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